• Arrival by air:

Reggio’s airport (www.aeroportodellostretto.it/en/) is at Ravagnese, about 5km south. Alitalia and/or Air One fly to and from Rome, Milan and Bergamo. Air Malta flies to Barcelona, Rome and Malta. Lamezia Terme Airport is 130km away from Reggio (www.sacal.it). Flights by Ryanair, EasyJet, AirFrance and Allitalia are operated from this airport.

  • Arrival by train:

Trains stop at Stazione Centrale, which is situated in Piazza Garibaldi and less frequently at Stazione Lido, near the Museo. You can get a direct train to Milan, Rome and Naples (www.trenitalia.com/tcom-en). Regional services run along the coast to destinations such as Scilla and Tropea. The main station has a small tourist office, that will give you a very good map of the town.

  • Arrival by boat:

Boats for Messina (Sicily) leave from two destinations - the port in Reggio(just north of Stazione Lido) and Villa San Giovanni, 14km further north along the rail line.

Services from Reggio and Villa San Giovanni for foot passangers are run by a company called Metromare (www.metromaredellostretto.it). There is an up to date timetable on their website and the price for a single journey is €3.50. Other companies that operate trips to Messina are Meridiano (www.meridianolines.it) and Ustica (www.usticalines.it).

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